I trained in Moksha Yoga with Ted Grand and Jess Robertson and completed certification there. I have studied Mindfulness Meditation with Frank Boccio. I became a Thai massage practitioner through Lotus Palm and have trained in Pilates mat work with Suzie Diaz of East West Yoga. Both of these components have greatly enhanced my ability to practice hands-on assistance and engage from the center.

In 2010, I have trained with Baron Baptiste, the founder of Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga and attended Poweryoga Bootcamp.  No seriously bootcamp.  It was as hard as it sounds!  I have also had the honour of training with Judith Lasater and becoming a certified Restorative Yoga teacher. My exposure to these two immensely different styles and approaches has broadened my understanding of yoga and of people.

I have been inspired by the teachings and practices of Seane Corn, Yumee Chung, and Emma O’Neil and have found that the voice of a yoga teacher is a reflection of the yogic practices of that teacher.  They have helped me find my voice. 

I have also been certified as a Yin Yoga teacher with Tracey Soghrati and have a great appreciation for this infusion of new energy and life in my practice and teachings. Also in 2011, I trained in Ashtanga Yoga at Downward Dog Toronto with Ron Reid, Diane Bruni and Marla Meenakshi. I love to learn new things and my practice and classes are an evolution of that creative expression - organic and fluid.

Since 2012, I have been attending regular Mysore practice at the Asthanga Yoga Centre of Toronto under the teaching of David Robson and the beginning of July 2013 in an Ashtanga yoga intensive with him.  The more I learn, the more I grow, the more I have to give.

I encourage my students to challenge themselves and their perceptions of where they are and where they can be. But also, have fun along the way!