Here are some styles of yoga I teach and practice plus some teachers that have
inspired me:

Emma O'Neil - Ashtanga lvl 2 certified Teacher -

Judith Lasater - Restorative Yoga Guru-

Health and Wellness Links:

Through the years I have committed myself and my life to taking and
advocating self-care as a means of living well.  That rest is more important
than work.  And that a well-rested mind body can accomplish far more in a
few hours than a mind body running on fumes for days can.  This is a list of
people and health care practitioners and professionals that I have met with
and received work or treatment from in some way.  I am not advocating or
selling anything and do not receive a benefit from them, and another's
experience may differ to taste etc.

Accupuncture: <>   I have had several sessions
with Dr. Kwan (and his staff in the past).  I always learn something new
from this work.

Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT)

I get a session of this once a month from my friend Sam Trotta at Striation
6.  I find it been helping me integrate "problem areas" more fully  and my
practice, lifting and teaching level have increased as a result.

Massage Therapy:

I have received much work from multiple therapists throughout the city.

For those more on a budget, I go to Oxford College (869 Yonge St)

I can add a more comprehensive list at some point, but these are some that I
would recommend checking out  (especially MAT if you haven't tried it).


I was a writer and contributor for Canada's HIV Online
Magazine and respect them for sharing their insights, thoughts and words
alongside mine.  If you haven't checked it out, please do so. <>


* * *